PurpleJS amalgamates Java with JavaScript developments



Do you want to develop your projects using a unified power of Java and JavaScript? It is now possible through PurpleJS.

Open source PurpleJS is an advanced alternative to the Node.js asynchronous programming model. It allows developers to use JavaScript while developing their existing Java projects and offers the ability to run their final creations on the Java Virtual Machine.

Alongside bringing a unified platform to enable Java and JavaScript projects, PurpleJS provides an environment for multithreaded applications. The framework also gives the freedom to run the same code on both browser and server. Additionally, it empowers developers to extend their existing Java applications with some snippets of JavaScript.

PurpleJS comes with some fruits for server developments as well. It lets programmers build JavaScript server applications that can run on any infrastructure. Similarly, server applications with JavaScript can be accessed using Java libraries.

Alternative, but not a replacement to Node.js

Though PurpleJS is an alternative to Node.js, it is not considered as its replacement. The new offering is not yet supporting async programming that is available on Node.js.

PurpleJS requires coding in JavaScript. But developers can use the Gradle tool or Java SDK to easily build their interesting apps. Also, there is Jetty HTTP server-based PurpleJS Boot to enable specific application building for servers.

Developers can reach the official PurpleJS website to check some its early examples. Further, its code and documentation are available from a GitHub repository.


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