Tencent starts sharing open source projects



While China is yet to openly support community-driven efforts, Chinese internet giant Tencent has taken a significant step ahead and started sharing its opens source projects in public. The company has created online repositories to share its offerings with developers and tech enthusiasts.

Shenzhen-based Tencent has launched Tinker and QTAF as its two latest open source projects on GitHub. Tinker offers a hotfix framework for Android devices to support dex, library and resources update without requiring any APK installation. QTAF, on the other hand, comes as a QTA-based framework to provide a cross-platform test automation solution for servers and native, hybrid and applications.

In addition to the fresh projects, Tencent shares Libco coroutine library on GitHub that has already been used in its messaging app WeChat. This open source, C/C++ library helps developers transform synchronous back-end service into coroutine service and enables outstanding concurrency over traditional multi-thread approach.

Linux interest

This is not the first time when Tencent has supported open source. The company is one of the first ones to deploy the software-defined networking (SDN) controller from the OpenDaylight Project. It also has huge interest towards Linux.


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