Google, Samsung favour .Net to expand developer reach


.Net support by Google and Samsung

Alongside Microsoft’s move to join the apex Linux body, Google and Samsung have stepped into the boat of .Net to expand their existing reach for developers. The new development is targeted to help the developer community with “greater choice” of tools and technologies.

Google has joined the Technical Steering Group at the .Net Foundation to offer the software framework run by Microsoft to its cloud developers. Samsung, on the other hand, has introduced native .Net support for its Tizen platform. Both the announcement have emerged following the big news of Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation.

“.Net is a key component in the modern enterprise, and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) team has worked hard to ensure that .Net has first-class support on Google’s infrastructure, including excellent infrastructure for Windows,” writes Chris Sells, product manager, Google Cloud, in a blog post.

Highly open source-supported Google Cloud was already supporting .Net on some avenues. Also, Google offered .Net libraries for over 200 of its cloud services.

That being said, the fresh announcement makes Google a companion of companies like Red Hat, Unity and Samsung JetBrains that all are the members of the .Net Foundation. It expands the company’s participation in across various cloud developments.

.Net comes to Tizen

Similar to Google’s move, Samsung has also started supporting .Net to expand its Tizen ecosystem. The Korean company is set to leverage .Net developments alongside C API and its web framework. Microsoft considers that this development will enable .Net across more than 50 million Samsung devices.

Samsung is in the development of a Visual Studio extension that will help developers build apps for its platform. Its detailed documentation will also reach the developer community in the coming future.


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