SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2 brings ARMv8 support

Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2

Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2

SUSE released Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2. The new update comes with support for ARMv8 architecture to expand enterprise offerings to mobile devices.

Through a host of new features and bug fixes, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 2 promises “to accelerate innovation and improve reliability” for enterprise deployments. The platform emerged as one of the first enterprise Linux platform with ARMv8-A support. This makes a compatible solution for affordable Raspberry Pi 3.

SUSE tested the features of its latest enterprise platform with partners as well as beta testers ahead of its launch. This has apparently helped in delivering capabilities to run effective and secure mission-critical workloads.

“SUSE is enabling customers to bring their state-of-the-art solutions to market faster by leveraging latest technologies. They also need to run mission-critical workloads with maximum uptime and proven security. This latest version of SUSE Linux Enterprise helps them do both using all the advantages of open source software,” said Olaf Kirch, vice president of SUSE Linux Enterprise engineering, in a statement.

The Service Pack 2 includes agile support for SAP applications, tuned SAP HANA for performance and a more resilient and secure SAP environment over its last version. Also, SUSE has included ten-fold increase in packet processing to combine Open vSwitch with Data Plane Development Kit. This is supposed to enable telecoms to implement virtual networking functions.

SUSE has worked towards minimising the downtime for large-memory IBM POWER systems by utilising minimised memory initialisation process for server restarts. The platform now supports Intel’s scalable Omni Path architecture to enable deployment of high-performance computer workloads.

The new version has implemented FIPS 140-2 certification to bring strict security requirements of federal government, FISMA and financial industry customers. Also, SUSE Package Hub integration is there to help users easily obtain modules and package updates through SUSE Customer Center.

Free 60-day trial

You can try SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 2 on your system for free. The trial is available for 60 days from the official SUSE server website.


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