Ubuntu gets ‘Budgie’ flavour

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak

Ubuntu Budgie

Linux distribution budgie-remix has transformed into a new Ubuntu flavour. With this new development, the open source build is now available as ‘Ubuntu Budgie’.

The team behind the platform confirms that the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board has passed the Budgie as the official Ubuntu flavour after reviewing its technical aspects. For users, the transformation will bring community standards to the distribution.

“We have come a long way in a short time with our first 16.04 release — a major update at 16.04.1 as well as following and taking an active part with the Ubuntu release cadence for 16.10,” the Budgie team writes in the announcement statement.

In addition to community standards, there will be a new Ubuntu Budgie community to enhance the operating system. Developers will also get a chance to use help sites like Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu Forums or Launchpad.net to easily ask for support on the latest platform.

Moving from just being another Linux distribution to an official Ubuntu flavour was not an easy task for the Budgie team. In fact, it is considering this as a “massive job” that required several software changes, packaging updates, merging updates upstream and testing the results.

The official Ubuntu Budgie release will be available with the 17.04 release. In the midst, there are plans to add budgie-desktop 11.


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