VMware releases Angular 2-based open source web design package


VMware Project Clarity

VMware has joined the ongoing open source developments by releasing its open source Clarity design system. This Angular 2-based packaging is aimed to help developers build web applications.

Clarity system comes with UX guidelines, view layer UI components and library of design patterns. It is mainly designed to reduce the web development efforts and enable developers to use the ready UI components from the available package to build web applications. This move helps the developer community spending more time in critical parts like crafting workflows and experiences for their product.

VMware has published its Project Clarity on GitHub along with UX guidelines, Angular 2 components, HTML and CSS framework. The main packages in the design system are clarity-icons, clarity-ui and clarity-angular.

Year-long development

For a long time, VMware has been working on an internal design system for their own portfolio. The company thought of packaging it and making it open to accelerate the time of development.

Notably, all the components in the Clarity design system are based on Angular 2. There is a library of components and ready templates. Developers are recommended to clone Clarity seed project to start a new project.


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