AMD enters AI world with Radeon Instinct GPUs and deep learning framework

AMD Radeon

AMD Radeon

AMD has joined the ongoing race of AI (artificial intelligence) with the launch of its Radeon Instinct line of accelerators. The latest offering is specifically designed to uplift the present world of machine learning.

In the list of new hardware, the AMD Radeon Instinct MI6 comes on top with 5.7 teraflops of clock speed and 224Gbps of bandwidth. The chip based on Polaris architecture is claimed to consume 150 watts of power.

Apart from the MI6, AMD has the Radeon Instinct MI8 that is based on Fiji architecture. It offers 8.2 teraflops of performance and 512Gbps of memory bandwidth. Further, the third passively cooled GPU in the latest range is the MI25 Vega that comes on Vega architecture and consumes less than 300 watts of power.

AMD has additionally hinted the release of its ROCm deep learning framework and MIOpen open source GPU library. The young Radeon Instinct family is powered by both the community-backed software technologies.

Supporting the open source world, AMD states that the combination of high-performance computing and visionary roadmap with open source framework can help data centers to advance in machine learning.

Machine learning and intelligence are going to be a hot tech trend in 2017. The announcement of the new product line by AMD is going to play a major role in AI-focused hardware. Moreover, the semiconductor maker is set to take on Intel and Nvidia with the launch.

The new range of AMD Radeon Instinct will be available for commercial use starting the second quarter of 2017.


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