CrateDB SQL database opens new doors for IoT and machine learning

SQL database

CrateDB database

An open source database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications is here. Called CrateDB, the SQL database is designed to unlock new possibilities for mainstream SQL developers.

CrateDB was first introduced in 2014, and close to million developers have beta tested its presence since then. The database allows developers to use standard SQL commands to collect and analyse the data in a real time. Also, it offers familiar SQL environment with a powerful search feature and containers.

“When we founded, we set out to reinvent SQL for the machine data era,” said Christian Lutz, CEO of, in a statement. “Today, 75 percent of our customers use CrateDB to manage machine and IoT data because of its superior ease of use, performance, and versatility.”

Using the power of SQL, CrateDB is capable of performing complex queries without any performance fluctuations. It offers faster JOIN, aggregations and ad-hoc queries. There is also a container architecture that can be easily scaled with Docker, Kubernetes or Mesos. developed CrateDB with a vision to reinvent SQL for machine data. Most of the customers are using CrateDB for their IoT and machine learning applications. The database delivers a unique combination of search and SQL to enable easy machine learning and predictive analytics.

Analysts believe that the main advantage of CrateDB lays behind its real-time analysis of large data. “CrateDB’s power lies in its ability to enable users to collect and analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, using SQL commands they already know,” said Jason Stamper, research analysts for data platform and analytics, 451 Research.

CrateDB is available on under Apache 2.0 license. It includes support for the PostgreSQL wire protocol to enable integration with other open source database solutions.


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