Facebook open sources 77 projects in 2016


Facebook open source projects in 2016

Facebook has released its “year in review” report to highlight some of the major open source developments. The report shows how the social networking giant has emerged as one of the leading open source contributors by releasing the code of its plenty of new projects.

In 2016, Facebook launched 77 new open source projects and received over 60,000 commits from worldwide contributors. This new addition has brought nearly 400 projects and more than 500,000 followers across the entire open source portfolio of the Mark Zuckerberg-led company.

“Facebook is committed to maintaining the stability and quality of our projects, and to supporting the communities that have grown around them,” writes Christine Abernathy, developer advocate for the Facebook open source team, in the report.

Among all the open source projects released by Facebook, Nuclide has become the top-commit project with more than 4,900 commits this year. React Native comes following Nuclide with over 4,000 commits. Moreover, React and React Native have shown the success by surpassing 50,000 and 40,000 followers this year, respectively.

Alongside releasing some young projects like Draft.js and create-react-app, Facebook launched the Incubator platform to bring all its open source projects under one roof. The Facebook Incubator so far has ten projects, and React VR is the latest one in the list.

Latest React VR project to enable immersive experience

React VR comes as a framework to let developers build new virtual reality (VR) applications. These applications can run in a compatible web browser and works with APIs such as WebGL and WebVR to offer an immersive experience.

The latest VR development by Facebook is currently in alpha stage. Therefore, you might have a limited experience. Some issues with the React VR alpha release are already listed on GitHub.


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