This might be the first fully open source notebook

Libreboot C201

Libreboot C201

Open source hardware is still atypical for the technology world. However, you can now enthusiastically opt for a fully open source notebook PC to work on your next projects without looking at a proprietary solution.

Called Libreboot C201, the latest offering is a dream come true for the open source community. It features a 1.8GHz ARM Rockchip RK3288 processor coupled with 4B RAM and 16GB eMMC storage and sports an 11-inch HD display. On the connectivity front, the laptop lacks a  built-in Wi-Fi chip but does come with an Atheros Wi-Fi dongle that works with open source drivers.

To please open source users in the market, the Libreboot C201 has Linux-based DebianOS. It is worth noting that the bootloader, OS, hardware and drivers in this machine all are also completely open source.

Linux hardware vendor Minifree is selling the Libreboot C201 at a price of $730. Although the price is little on the higher side, the development is certainly a great proportion for open source enthusiasts and developers. It would even create an example for some major PC vendors to start opting for open source solutions.


  1. £398.00 £348.00″, ” Prices shown on the product pages exclude UK VAT 20%.” – I get $602.76 $417.60 – where do you get $730? Add shipping?


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