FreeDOS receives an update after 4 years



Remember the blue colored command-line interface that resembled like MS-DOS? That was the open source FreeDOS project that has got a new life.

FreeDOS has received a new update nearly after four years. Founder Jim Hal considers the latest update as a “more modern FreeDOS” version.

Dubbed as FreeDOS 1.2, the new version has a large number of upgraded packages as well as some additional offerings like games.

“The FreeDOS 1.2 release is an updated, more modern FreeDOS. You will see that we changed many of the packages. Some packages were replaced, deprecated by newer and better packages,” said Hall in the official announcement.

The FreeDOS family is known for its slow release cycle. Originally released in 2006, the open source project received an update to FreeDOS 1.1 in 2012. A large number of computer researchers and open source developers still use FreeDOS for machine level programming and optimisation.

In addition to the upgrades, FreeDOS 1.2 has received some visual changes and updated packages. The project has also improved the core package experience. All in all, the latest FreeDOS has become and even great substitute to MS-DOS.


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