KDE Plasma Mobile considers a shift to LineageOS or AOSP

KDE Plasma Mobile

KDE Plasma Mobile

With the departure of CyanogenMod, KDE is set to transfer its Plasma Mobile platform to either Lineage OS or Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The new development comes amid the building of LineageOS that would soon debut as a fork of the original CyanogenMod.

KDE’s Plasma Mobile initially arrived in the mobile device market with Ubuntu Touch. But in May this year, the operating system shifted to CyanogenMod to offer customisations on top of Android.

“We used CyanogenMod source tree and kernel for generating minimal Android system which is used in hammerhead port.. However, it is not clear that up to when it will be available and will receive updates given code review system (gerrit) for CyanogenMod is offline,” KDE contributor Bhushan Shah writes in a blog post.

KDE found the two options to move apart from CyanogenMod following the announcement of its formal shutdown. While switching to LineageOS would ease the transition since it is a CyanogenMod fork, preferring AOSP would also be a no tough call for the developer team.

“Personally, I had low priority task on phabricator for long-term to switch to AOSP base, but based on the current situation this will need to be done with higher priority than earlier,” Shah concludes.


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