Google Chrome replaces Flash support with HTML5

Google Chrome

Google Chrome 55 with by default HTML5 option

Google has been trying to integrate open source HTML5 in the best possible ways for Chrome for a long time. But ultimately, the latest Chrome has replaced Adobe Flash with HTML5.

Efforts by Google to limit the Flash usage were quite evident. Last few versions had hardly any Flash elements. However, Chrome 55 finally brings HTML5 as the default option.

Google Chrome 55 automatically switches to HTML5 in most cases. But if a website uses only Flash, you will be prompted to allow it when you visit. The list of websites that are exempted from the newest default rule includes YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon,,,,, and These exemptions are applicable only for one year.

HTML5 certainly is way better than Flash in many areas. It offers faster page loading speed and greater security over Adobe’s proprietary solution. Many leading web platforms have started adopting HTML5 as a default format for videos and ads. Modern browsers other than Chrome are migrating to HTML5 as a default option.

In addition to the default HTML5 support, Chrome 55 includes updated JavaScript V8 engine that helps in reducing the RAM usage. Google claims that the browser can reduce the RAM usage by as much as 50 percent.


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