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Developers ask Adobe to open source Flash Player

  Many developers do not welcome the Adobe's decision to end support for the Flash Player plugin in 2020. Thus, a petition seeking the open...

Adobe releases new Flash version for Linux with security fixes

Adobe has just released the new version of Flash for GNU/Linux. The latest release comes years after its abandonment by major software platforms including...

Google Chrome replaces Flash support with HTML5

Google has been trying to integrate open source HTML5 in the best possible ways for Chrome for a long time. But ultimately, the latest...

Adobe Flash for Linux gets relaunched after four years

Linux power users can never forget the fact that Adobe ditched its native support for Flash Player. But after four years of its absence,...

Google Chrome is discarding Flash to favour faster, advanced HTML5

While Adobe Flash has already left its shine on the web world, Google is finally dumping Flash experience from its Chrome to favour HTML5....