Google is now a part of Cloud Foundry Foundation



Months after expanding its presence in the cloud computing world, Google has formally joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation as a Gold member. The latest development notably emerges a few days after the foundation’s former CEO Sam Ramji tied with Google to enhance its cloud offerings.

This is not the first time when Google has shown its interest for Cloud Foundry. In fact, the search giant is touted to have done “a lot of work” in the past with the community behind the multi-cloud application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Google brought the open source Pivotal Cloud Foundry to the Google Cloud Platform in October. Also, a recent BOSH release for the BOSH Google CPI includes some Cloud Foundry resources.

“Joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation allows us to be even more engaged and collaborative with the entire Cloud Foundry ecosystem,” said Brian Stevens, vice president, Google Cloud, in a blog post.

Ramji’s efforts under pipeline

In November, the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s Ramji left his founding CEO position to join Google. The executive established the foundation that has platinum-level members such as Cisco, IBM and SAP.

The Google Cloud Platform is likely to be the major beneficient from Ramji’s appointment. While the membership of the Cloud Foundry Foundation is already one of the signs of some ongoing developments, Google might also be leveraging the vast prior experience of the European open source leader.

The updated LinkedIn profile of Ramji shows that he has been working at Google as the vice president of its product management and is helping in computing and developing services for the Google Cloud Platform.


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