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Google to release Angular 4 in March 2017

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Angular 4 release

Google has made a major announcement regarding Angular. The company has apparently planned to skip version 3 of its JavaScript framework and instead developing the release Angular 4 for 2017.

Angular 4 will be fully compatible with the currently available version 2 of the JavaScript framework. Furthermore, it will switch to Microsoft’s TypeScript 2.1 as a baseline.

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Igor Minar from the Angular Team at Google made this announcement at NG-BE 2016 conference in Belgium. Minar also revealed Google plans for releasing a major Angular version every six months.

Google released Angular 2.3 earlier this month. The update brought Angular Language Service designed to integrate with IDEs for completion and error checking with Angular Templates.

Just few weeks before the latest release, Google brought Angular 2.2 in November. With this rate of new releases, it is quite confusing for users to keep track of the numbers.

Having said that, it is indeed evidently confirmed that Google’s plan for Angular is aggressive. You can expect eight beta releases of Angular 4 before the final release in March. Also, Angular 5 is scheduled to be available by October 2017.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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