India surpasses US in cybersecurity confidence


Cybersecurity in India

India has emerged as the leader in the world of cybersecurity by earning the highest global score in cybersecurity confidence. This latest achievement is considered as a “positive trend” for the region that so far has a shortage of security professionals.

According to the 2017 Global Cybersecurity Assurance Report Card released by tech company Tenable Network Security, India has earned 84 percent (B grade) in the field of global cybersecurity confidence. This has beaten out the US that fell two points to second place with 78 percent (C+). Moreover, the overall global cybersecurity confidence fell six points in 2016 to 70 percent (C-).

“India’s high cybersecurity confidence is certainly a positive trend, especially when the global outlook is gloomy,” said Manoj Taskar, country manager India and SAARC, Tenable Network Security, in a statement.

In spite of the lead in the overall grades, Indian security professionals are reportedly struggling with assessing risks in new and emerging technologies. The growing adoption of containerisation platforms and DevOps environments has brought new challenges. As per the data released by Tenable, respondents in the report graded themselves a 68 percent (D+) in their ability to assess risk in both the categories.

“This year’s research reveals that Indian CISOs must prepare themselves and their organisations for the new security challenges of the modern workplace,” Taskar added.

Apart from the challenging trends in India, global security practitioners are facing challenges in securing cloud and BYOD environments. However, web application security dropped 18 points to 62 percent (D-).

The report card solicited insights from 700 security practitioners in nine countries across seven industry verticals. This enabled a global index score, reflecting overall confidence.


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