IBM Bluemix gets expanded to ease cloud app developments

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix

IBM has expanded its Bluemix by adding some new services. The additional offerings are designed to simplify and speed app development in the cloud.

First and the major new addition to the cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is the IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery. This latest service helps DevOps teams access a central hub to create, manage and scale toolchains. This speeds up the process of integrating toolchains and provides an easy way to maintain and deploy them on the cloud.

“With the introduction of Bluemix Continuous Delivery, developers can not only create, integrate and share DevOps toolchains using their favourite tools but also add optional pay-as-you-go powerful services like cognitive computing with Watson or data and analytics services from the Weather Company,” said Dave Lindquist, fellow and vice president of development, IBM Cloud DevOps and Analytics, in a statement.

Templates for scalability and efficient results

The Bluemix Continuous Delivery provides toolchain templates that enable their easy scalability and decline cost and time to value for DevOps solutions. There are templates to build microservices, containers and cloud-native applications using solutions such as GitHub, Slack, PageDuty and Sauce Labs.

“GitHub is a powerful addition to IBM’s Bluemix Continuous Delivery service that builds on our strategic partnership to dramatically advance the development of next-generation cloud applications for enterprise customers,” said Todd Berman, vice president of engineering, GitHub.

Apart from supporting the major development tools, IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery uses the all new Availability Monitoring service to support real-time updates on applications. The service runs simulated user tests to help developers detect issues within web applications as well as REST architecture APIs. Notably, the monitoring development can also be a part of toolchains to deliver quick insights to all prime issues.

IBM has additionally built the Delivery Pipeline service to automate builds, tests and deployments of applications and detect issues before they go live.

The fresh developments by IBM confirm that the company is planning to make it easy for developers to build solutions on a cloud. However, services like the Bluemix Continuous Delivery and Delivery Pipeline are yet to become important for developers worldwide.


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