Intel Joule gets Ubuntu support to expand IoT developments


Intel IoT Developer Kit

Intel has expanded its Joule platform by announcing Ubuntu support. The chip maker has also brought Ubuntu to Intel IoT Gateway to reach more open source developers through its Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

Bundling the latest developments, Intel has launched the IoT Developer Kit 5.0. This new IoT enables C and C++ developments on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS along with the Intel System Studio IoT Edition. There is also Node.js support as well as I/O and sensor middleware libraries (MRAA and UPM) to encourage Ubuntu users to the platform.

“The Intel IoT Developer Kit now supports on Intel Joule development platforms and Intel IoT Gateways! You can now run Ubuntu on these platforms and still use the same familiar Intel IoT Developer Kit tools and libraries for prototyping and development,” Intel wrote in an official announcement.

Apart from the open source language support, developers using Intel’s platform can now install additional packages with apt-get such as Robot Operating System (ROS) on Ubuntu. There is also a sensor and actuator middleware library support. Likewise, developers can utilise the preloaded IMRAA support to connect to different sensors and actuators over Firmata using an Arduino 101 board.

Wind River Pulsar Linux also on board

If Ubuntu is not your choice, but you still want to use an open source platform along with the Intel Developer Kit, you can use Wind River Pulsar Linux that is a manageable and secure Linux distributed for embedded and IoT development projects. You can use offerings such as MRAA and UPM middleware libraries, Cloud connector and C development support.

Intel has additionally upgraded its System Studio IoT Edition with third-party package synchronisation utility. This new development lets you add packages and libraries to your project directly from the IDE to install them easily.

With all the new changes, Intel is set to bring its IoT Developer Kit way ahead Raspberry Pi. This would ultimately help the silicon giant to expand developments around its IoT platform that was unveiled in August.


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