Kickstarter opts open source for its mobile apps



Kickstarter, the leading crowdfunding platform, has finally decided to open source its mobile application for iOS and Android devices. The native team at Kickstarter ensures that the code published to its Android and iOS application is well-tested.

The open source availability opens doors for mobile developers to go through the code behind the Kickstarter app and learn from the insights. This would be of great help especially for the ones who are preparing to build their own apps.

“We focus on writing well-tested code built with parts that can be easily understood on their own and to do that we have adopted many functional programming techniques. There have been a ton of benefits to this, some of which we could not have predicted at the start. We are excited to share these findings with the developer community,” the Kickstarter engineering team writes in a Medium post.

Kickstarter has built some interesting features over the years. There is a screenshots directory that holds over 500 screenshots of various screens. These screenshots can be categorised across all languages, devices and test cases. Additionally, the team at Kickstarter uses view models to isolate side effects and build functional cores. Developers can also use the two new pull requests on Kickstarter’s open source repositories to update the design of backer activity and user profile.

There is a nine-member team of open source engineers at Kickstarter who is sharing the code with the world. You can reach its GitHub repository to build something interesting for the mobile world.


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