Linux Academy now makes anyone open source professional for free


open source professional

To let anyone communicate, collaborate and learn the open source power, Linux Academy has launched a Community Edition. This new version abandons the need for membership and comes free to all users who sign up on the online platform.

“We decided to make our community open to everyone because we want to reduce the barrier to learning and be a one-stop solution for everything a person might need to train on open source and cloud technologies,” said Anthony James, CEO, Linux Academy, in a statement.

The Community Edition provides users the ability to access Linux Academy courses such as Serverless Concepts, Puppet Quick Start, DevOps Essentials, OpenStack Essentials, Docker Quick Start and Git Quick Start. Alongside the online courses, the free version offers the access to how-to guides, user study groups and access to user study groups. Users can also create your profile to let experts and other users know about your presence.

Users can utilise the membership on Linux Academy to interact with Linux and cloud communities. Also, the Community Edition allows them to create note card decks and view decks from other students to broaden your knowledge.

Linux Academy is claimed to have around 85,000 aspiring and expert engineers. It offers certification training and skills development in platforms such as Linux, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, DevOps, Azure and Big Data.


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