Linux kernel 4.9.5 is out with updated drivers and architecture improvements


Linux 4.9.5

Linux kernel 4.9 series has received a new maintenance update. The new version, Linux 4.9.5, brings a total of 132 file changes, 821 deletions and 1515 new insertions.

Linux 4.9 kernel range is already a long-term supported project. But its latest release has even made the kernel a widely supported platform. The big part of the new version is updated drivers. Linux developers have improved support for Radeon, Tegra, Intel i915 and VC6 graphics drivers.

Also, Linux kernel 4.9.5 brings updated drivers for Ethernet, wireless (Intersil), NVM Express (NVMe), PINCTRL, TTY, USB, ACPI, DMA, I2C, CPUFreq, Infiband and remoteproc.

The new Linux kernel additionally has various changes to PowerPC, x86, ARM64/AArch64, NFS, XFS, OCFS2 and Btrfs. Besides, there is an updated networking stack for 802.11 netlink interface header to ensure better connectivity.

All Linux 4.9 series users are recommended to perform the update. You can download its source for the website.


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