Open source becomes ‘top business priority’ for enterprises in India: Red Hat

open source

open source

Community-backed solutions have already gained prevalence in the Indian IT sector. But Red Hat is now considering open source as the “top business priority” for many enterprises in India.

“The power of participation and collaboration of open source is no longer just an IT initiative, but has become a top business priority for many enterprises in India,” said Rajesh Rege, managing director, Red Hat, India, in a statement.

Fifty-one percent of respondents to a study conducted by Red Hat with market research firm Forrester Consulting have reported that their organisations have implemented open source solution, while 49 percent of respondents plan to expand or implement open source within the next 12 months. Further, 73 percent of respondents consider open source as a cost-saving initiative.

“Organisations want to create real business impact, accelerate innovation and provide better digital experience to their customers. It is encouraging to see that 51 percent of survey respondents in India reported that their organisations have already implemented open source solutions,” Rege added.

The study surveyed 455 CIOs and senior IT decision makers from nine countries in Asia-Pacific. Respondents from India plan to focus on reducing cost and improving operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience and advancing organisation’s ability to innovate.

“It is more urgent than ever for organisations to find their own competitive advantage through technology. With this swift, open source has evolved to play an increasingly strategic role as a default choice for technology innovation to help businesses improve their agility, efficiency, and innovation,” said Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, senior vice president and general manager, Asia-Pacific, Red Hat.

Open source role will accelerate

Red Hat and Forrester Consulting believe that over the next two to three years, the role of open source will accelerate. The study concludes that 45 percent of the total respondents anticipate the increase in Internet of Things at their organisations, while 43 percent believe that open source will help increase their agile hybrid cloud infrastructure, application development and DevOps environments.


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