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mobile app development trends

You can do anything and everything with your mobile phone, isn’t it? It exemplifies the adage that a friend in need is a friend indeed. From booking hotels to booking flight tickets, you can simply do all that in a just a few clicks. And tapping on all these users activities, enterprises have noticed this transformation and are investing in mobile app development to take a step forward. But is that all? Merely developing a mobile app might fetch a success for a limited period and would show you a path to proceed further but it is up to you how you go from here.

Of course, it is essential to perceive mobile marketing strategies but continue to introduce new ways of enhancing the mobile app is of paramount importance. The influence of mobile apps and the need to stay in business cannot be denied.

With time, new things are introduced, and the old ones make way for them. Therefore, keeping an eye out on the technological advancement to making a ubiquitous presence for your app.

Trends in mobile application development

So let us have a look at ten leading developments trends of the mobile app marketing that will enable you in communicating with users in a much better way.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology has uplifted mobile app development and brought the ease of storing large data without worrying about its uncertain loss. Owing to this, there has been an upward shift in the usage of mobile devices and mobile developers are now more focused towards integrating and synchronising mobile apps with cloud storage technology. With this approach, developers are able to build mobile apps that can easily be accessed and used across different mobile devices without hindering the functionality. Enterprises now focus on cloud-based app development platforms as this leads to a faster development process.

Cross platform app development

While developers focus on application’s optimisation, they also consider its cross-platform ability. This is the ability of mobile apps to run smoothly regardless of the device and the operating system. Their motive is to develop applications that look nice and are compatible with all platforms. This benefits both the developers and users in the long run. Also, iOS and Android are the two big guns in the mobile operating system. We cannot predict which platform will come out on top. Hence, better to develop apps that run on both these platforms.

Security in mobile apps

Security still remains a big challenge that developers face during the development stages and with the technological advancement it has become a dire need to address all the security issues like unintended leakage of data, insecure data storage and broken cryptography. Hackers will continue to find faults in the app and would exploit the known security gaps. Therefore, secure mobile apps are also one of the trends that one should look forward to.

In-app marketing and ads

Enterprises can easily advertise their products and services through the mobile app. Without causing any hindrance in user experience yet present themselves in front of them. This helps developers in earning their money through advertisements. Keeping users engaged yet not agitating them is the balance key. There is plenitude of methods for efficient in-app advertising and much more will evolve with time.

Mobile payments and m-commerce

This is the e-commerce era, i.e. the exchange of commodities happen over the Internet. One of the growing trends is providing users with the mobile payments gateway. Mobile payments and M-commerce go hand in hand and having a payment gateway would enable users to access your services/products and order them irrespective of their location and make a purchase. This trend will continue to rise as more and more users are embracing this technique and transferring money through mobile devices has become a common thing.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

We are dependent on gadgets for our survival. This dependency of people on multiple devices is the reason for the popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT). This new technology relies on various mobile devices and has rocked the industry and our lives since its inception and in the years to come. The more your app can be accessed via a wide range of devices, the more you can focus on enhancing its performance and deliver better user-experience. The IOT will challenge enterprises to find reliable solutions to visualize sets of complex data. There will also be a requirement to structure and visualise all incoming data from these connected devices to ensure accurate insight into competitiveness and viability.

CRM and wearable tech

First, you used to carry your worlds in your pocket and now you can wear it. Mobile and social digital will be integrated seamlessly into CRM platforms for marketing applications. According to a study, sales of organisations rely primarily on mobile digital technology and sooner or later we can expect the adoption rate and the focus on wearable technology.

Location based and beacon Internet (Wi-Fi) services

Beacon technology is now trending in every sector, be it retail or education or any other sector. It has eliminated the thin line between online and offline mode. If you are an Apple product user, then you must be familiar with it, and Android is following the same path.

Almost every sector including hospitality, education, retail, real estate, advertising, travel and automotive all have already seen numerous benefits of location-based and beacon internet services. An instance could help understand this trend better is beacons used in large buildings. Beacons are implemented in large buildings to provide the internal mapping so that if any emergency occurs than can be eliminated as during an emergency, responders quickly access where the issue has occurred.

Prioritising user experience through app analytics and big data

As the number of mobile devices is increasing and the size is getting reduced, the user experience is getting more critical than ever. Sometimes, we need to check our site’s performance to see if it is working properly. Hence, data analytics and big data prove beneficial. Developers can know their weak points through analytics and improve them accordingly for a better user experience. Modern businesses demand instant insight into real-time data that shows their customer’s behavior and decision-making process. In fact, the relationship between analysis, big data and app are broadening.

User experience

This is the crux of your website. If users can easily access your site and navigate through it, then they would stick to it only to have a higher conversion rate. This is one aspect of the mobile app development which has been dominating since the very first day. No matter how attractive your app is or how unique it is if you fail in this aspect, you will miss out on a lot of things. In simple words, exceed your user’s satisfaction, and your app will be a success. Give them reasons to stay.


  1. Now app security is more important becuase before couple of years back people feared to put their secured information to the website and now same for mobile app.


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