EFY conferences: Interdisciplinary innovation needs multiple disciplines

EFY Conferences

EFY Conferences

We decided to learn a lesson about integration from semiconductors. No longer a singular conference, over 11 independent tech conferences are being developed and co-located to build a multidisciplinary mega-convention at India Electronics Week 2017.

More than 10,000 excited techies and 200 amazing speakers flew in to be part of the 2016 edition of our IoTShow.in and Electronics Rocks conferences, after which it was also awarded “IoT Event of the Year (2016),” by Postscapes. It is a proud achievement, but do we intend to rest on our laurels? No.

In 2017, we are no longer building just a singular conference. Over 11 independent conferences are being developed and co-located to build a multidisciplinary mega-convention at B.I.E.C (India’s first “LEED – Certified” Green Exhibition & Conference Facility) in Bengaluru, India. Each conference will have its own schedule, talks, workshops, networking opportunities and lots more!

Join us, and be a part of the thousands joining our community as we build the next revolutionary platform for influential technologists.

“This is just the start of a far larger vision for the ElectronicsForU.com platform, in our pursuit to build a powerful platform that can catapult technologists to success.”


Internet of Things is now important everywhere; from hardware design to software development, and all the way through to solve real-world problems — and those are what our IoT conferences focus on:

  • Analytics, Algorithms & AI
  • Cybersecurity
  • Industrial Internet of Things and Robotics (IIoT)
  • Smart Humans and Medicine (Medical IoT)
  • Smart Homes & Cities
  • Profit from IoT
  • LED Lighting Design
  • Smart Automotive
  • Power Management & Design
  • Wireless Communications Design
  • Electronics Rocks (Makers & DIYers)

What really happens here?

  • One “mighty” dose of Internet of Things
  • Engage in awesome technology talks and workshops at the Conferences
  • Demo new tools at the Expo
  • Discover brilliant ideas from techies
  • Learn new techniques to grow your career
  • Meet influential technologists, design engineers, developers, entrepreneurs and investors to grow your own business
  • Engage in intelligent conversations with potential new employers or colleagues

Just a glimpse of the things that make our multidisciplinary mega-convention special for any true technologist.


This conference is designed to host more than 200 speakers and thousands of delegates. Why will they all be here?

Intensive sessions from the industry’s best speakers

Our speakers are a combination of experienced industry leaders, high-value engineers and founder-innovators, all driven by a passion for technology and engineering.

• Get to know the latest cutting-edge technology from the folks who developed it.

• Absorb the energy and drive from the pros — get better at what you do.

• Take away skills that you can apply to your work, straight away!

Amazing networking benefits

• Our conferences will enable your team to network with thousands of new potential customers, vendors and professionals in the electronics industry. Meet and network with the kind of people who could define your future career and help you become a thought leader.

• Feel the pulse of what’s happening in tools, technologies and customer requirements.

• Get connected with our line-up of speakers, some of whom are the most reputed people in the electronics industry.

• Listen to ideas that your team wasn’t even aware of!

Team building was never this cool!

• This conference will expose your team to extreme learning, to create a tighter-knit and superbly efficient team.

• Team members can discuss new technologies, tools and processes with advice from the best in the industry.

• Hold discussions on how to apply these new ideas back in the company to improve your products, performance and overall results.

Enhance innovation

• Want to design an innovative product for the market place? This is the conference for you.

• Learn from the founders of some of the latest successfully funded start-ups.

• Attend workshops to learn how to create proto types on five popular dev boards.

• Don’t just dream — be a do’er and learn how to make your dreams come alive!

Get better at what you do

• Our speakers are experienced industry leaders, high value engineers and founder-innovators, and they are all driven by a passion for technology and engineering. With experienced hands taking you through their struggles, absorb the energy and drive from the pros — get better at what you do.

• 200+ expert speakers spread over three days.

• Get the lowdown on the hardware and software technologies that are critical to the IoT. Hear it from the best in the business.

• Learn the smartest ways to build a product, from the best design engineers, developers, technical architects and project managers in the country.

Resistance is futile, the future is coming

But what will the future bring with it? As Peter Drucker put it, “The best way to predict the future, is to create it.”

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