Linux 3.18 reaches end of life


Linux 3.18 end of life

It is time to say goodbye to Linux kernel 3.18 LTS. The 2-year-old Linux version has reached the end of its long-term supported cycle, and users are now recommended to switch to either Linux 4.4 or 4.9.

However, maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman has brought Linux kernel 3.18.48 LTS as an update option for users who do not want to leave the old version. The new update changes as many as 50 files alongside bringing 159 insertions and 351 deletions. It also brought few changes to networking stack with IPv4, IPv6, Bluetooth, CAIF, updated USB, SCSI, ATA, GPU, media, ATM, HID, SPI, MTD and networking drivers. Besides, there are some improvements to Netfiler and x86 architecture.

“If you rely on 3.18y, you should upgrade. But really, go use 4.4.y or 4.9.y, those are both much better and far more secure,” writes Kroah-Hartman in a mailing list announcement.

Linus Torvalds brought Linux kernel 3.18 back in December 2014. The LTS kernel version became quite popular among consumers. Google used its presence in some Android builds, while few Chrome OS running Chromebooks also brought its presence to the Web world.

You can find all the new tweaks and features in Linux 3.18.48 from the official website.


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