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Netflix open sources its ChatOps tool to help developers manage GitHub repos



Netflix has decided to open source its ChatOps tool for GitHub management called HubCommander. The new bot allows developers to track and manage GitHub repositories and organisations easily.

HubCommander has gained a major popularity among Slack users. The bot by Netflix overwhelms the challenge of managing users on GitHub. It can be used for tracking open source projects on GitHub and even for managing any internal project of an enterprise and let you create or modify GitHub repositories.

Loaded with customisation options, Netflix’ HubCommander lets developers create authenticated and command-based plugins. Organisations can use the open source tool to link employee’s GitHub ID with the company’s internal employee tracking system. Once that employee leaves the company, the linkage is automatically removed from GitHub organisation membership.

Netflix claims that HubCommander is as simple as typing !help in the Slack channel. This single command brings a list of commands that HubCommander supports.

Further, Netflix has simplified the user management in GitHub organisations using HubCommander. The bot also features GitHub-Slack integration to help users with posting comments, requests and monitoring repository activities.

Netflix is the first few tech companies to launch a Slack bot. Just last week, online payment system PayPal released its Slack bot to let developers enable peer-to-peer payments for their projects.

You can access the code of HubCommander from the official GitHub repository. The project has so far received five issues and two pull requests.



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