Top 9 Magento extensions you must have in store



Being one of the top-class open source e-commerce solutions, Magento comes with a host of features that make shopping fun and play. The availability of innumerable useful Magento extensions made available can help improve marketing performance of your e-commerce store. There are some features which Magento is not pre-built with. However, making use of Magento extensions will definitely add more to its functionality making it even better.

Listed below are top nine fundamental Magento extensions that every business requires.


Bronto extension is a one-stop solution for all those e-commerce stores that are looking to accelerating revenue with targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns. This extension helps in driving more sales by creating highly targeted lifecycle marketing campaigns that convert one-time buyers into repeated customers and thereby encouraging them to buy more and more. In order to run effective and target-based marketing campaigns, this extension makes it easy to send emails based on past purchase data from your Magento site. This, in turn, leads towards a marketing approach that is personal and relevant. The segmentation is based on product/categories, average order value, last order, total revenue and so on. The extension can further be used to bring in past purchase data that consists product details. In short, it is the excellent and trustful way for creating effective marketing campaigns.

Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration helps you integrate your Magento store and blog altogether. Compatibility with the most popular Magento versions like Magento Enterprise, Magento Professional and Magento Community Edition makes it an even better choice. Packaged with multiple functionalities, the extension integrates the best e-commerce platform with the best blogging platform, turning it into a complete marketing tool.

Social Share

Social Share by Magento configures social media buttons to your store in the simplest way possible. It also gives visitors the authority to share and connect with top four social media networks like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Pinterest. It is an entirely customisable extension that improves the page and product sharing rate by allowing customers share them via multiple social media channels.

One Page Checkout

Magento’s One Page Checkout is a must have extension for all Magento store owners. It is one of the feature-packed extensions that simplifies the checkout process in just a single step. The extension comes with an auto-complete feature that quickens and simplifies the checkout process for customers, thereby increasing sales and conversions. Designed to be accessed on all popular devices, the extension comes with a fully responsive functionality that dramatically reduces steps required in the checkout process. The end results of installing this extension on your store is a user-friendly website, lesser or no abandoned carts, increased conversions and reduced bounce rates.


Zendesk for Magento works seamlessly to enable stores to deliver great customer support. It unites businesses with a dynamic two-way integration between Zendesk support ticket data and Magento website data. The advantages of installing this extension are numerous. By implementing Zendesk into your Magento store, you will be able to manage your customer interactions all in a single place. It also offers greater visibility on relevant customer data from Magento like billing, shipping, order info and user profiles. So if you are looking for one of the quickest ways to enable great customer service, Zendesk should be your topmost priority.


Yotpo is a useful Magento extension that makes it possible for clients to generate product reviews and use them at its best as a sales-boosting strategy. This plugin collects more verified reviews, thereby uplifting conversions. It lets customers coming back or purchasing more and more of your products. Combining the power of search engine friendly content and marketing buzzwords, Yotpo creates everything you are looking for in a review system. So whether you are looking for word-of-mouth advertising, repeat purchases, customer loyalty or higher search engine rankings, Yotpo will greatly increase your conversion rates by building trust.


Managing shipping counts to be a cumbersome process especially if you are new to the world of e-commerce business. The worst part, however, is that some items are going to cost more than the others. MatrixRate emerges as a helping hand and offers multiple shipping options to customers based on their location. This extension defines shipping rates on the basis of shipping method, product price, weight, quantity or destination of an item.

Being the most downloaded extension on Magento, MatrixRate sparks your web store and success will eventually be within your grasp.

Zopim Live Chat

Zopim Live Chat powered by Magento provides one of the fastest ways to engage with customers in a real time. The plugin connects with your customers on real-time by talking to them over a live chat. Also, it multiplies the chances of engagement by using proactive chat approach to automatically reach customers. Integrating this Magento-powered chat plugin resolves issues by speeding up response time. It brings you a built-in solution that eventually makes it easy to follow-up on your customer, thereby improving relationship or nurture leads.

Invoicera Magento Extension

Invoicera Magento Extension permits store owners to send invoices to their customers in real-time and as soon as the order is placed. The extension features streamlining the information pertaining to customers and products, thereby letting you to link your Magento store along with the accounting package. The integration of Magento stores with Invoicera lets store owners to automatically create invoices whenever an order is placed and also send them to customers in real-time. Magento store owners can also send invoices in their own customised format. Using Invoicera’s Magento extension, store owners can revolutionise the user’s buying experience on the online store.

Summing It Up!

The list does not conclude here. There are many other useful and advanced Magento extensions you can use to multiply sales and user engagement. However, integrating the ones given above will certainly turn your store into a completely functional and revenue-generating one. These Magento store extensions are meant to revamp your store and let you experience the amazing results on the store.


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