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6 most suitable JavaScript frameworks for web developers


JavaScript frameworks for web developers

Why are JavaScript frameworks quite popular among web developers? Well, they are popular because of the interactive web experience that they offer in an easy and convincing manner. At a time when rapid app development has become a norm, we need smart tools for quick development without compromising on usability and other aspects. JavaScript frameworks just fit into this requirement. They are equally perfect for fast paced development and building feature rich interactive web apps. Moreover, JavaScript is highly design focused and so allow creating extra layers for with design elements.

But which particular JavaScript framework is really the best? Giving a point-blank answer to this question is not simple. There are quite a few options with pros and cons for everyone. Secondly, choice of the JavaScript framework also depends upon the particular web development project in hand. In spite of all these complexities and maze of considerations, a few JavaScript frameworks are more popular and acclaimed than others.

Considering all these factors, we are here highlighting six most dependable JavaScript frameworks for web developers of coming time.


Angular.js was launched back in 2009 by Google and is among the most advanced open source JavaScript frameworks under the MIT license. If you want to build single page websites with interactive elements, there is hardly a better option than Angular.js even today.

Two-way binding is the most user-friendly innovative feature of Angular.js that allows real-time updating of a website from different devices. Any view is changed with addition or alteration is rendered to the interface simultaneously on the mobile app and website.

Angular.js by far has the biggest active community support worldwide. There is the great reserve of online contents and guidance available over the web. Further, the framework offers a very low learning curve and is widely adopted by the engineers.


Do you know the JavaScript framework that gives the interactive capability to world’s leading web platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Well, it is nothing but React.js. If you are going to build a very robust, dynamic and scalable web app with dependable performance, there is nothing like React.js. The framework is presently the fastest growing JavaScript solution until today.

React.js is great for rendering complex user interfaces while not compromising on performance. The framework is also widely acclaimed for bringing reusable elements. This allows developers to reuse the components across various apps.

Additionally, the React.js framework offers Material-UI design taking inspiration from Google’s material design.


Ember.js, released way back in 2011, emerged as one of the most powerful and versatile MVC JavaScript frameworks. It is widely preferred for building interactive front-end interfaces.

Just as Angular.js, Ember.js also offers two-way data binding. This allows updating changes in a real time when accessed from two devices. The framework is also a very proactive framework with robust active community support and repeated developments.

Server side rendering like React.js is one of the key strengths of Ember.js. Moreover, the framework fits the bill of most developers by offering the best of both worlds, two-way data binding of Angular.js and server-side rendering of React.js.


Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that ever since its release in 2014 continues to grow in popularity. This framework is particularly commendable because of its support with for a very simple API while developing the dynamic elements of sophisticated web interfaces. Ease of use is the key strength of the framework. It also uses MVM design paradigm allowing simplicity in design.

The most commendable feature of the framework is the freedom to use selective modules for particular web development needs.

Similar to the other popular JavaScript frameworks listed so far, Vue.js uses two-way data binding allowing real-time updating from both ends. It offers communication through binder between the view and the binder.

The Vue.js framework has a very low learning curve, and the developers working with Angular.js can feel comfortable with its environment. It thoroughly takes the architectures of Angular.js. Only knowing the basic of JavaScript is enough to work with this framework.


There is one specialty that makes Backbone.js an easy choice among the top JavaScript frameworks listed here. It is the capability of being integrated easily with template engine of the third party. This makes the framework extremely lightweight.

Backbone.js is a great framework for both frontend and backend operations in web interfaces. This is the reason social networking services like Reddit use the Backbone.js framework for many of their single-page apps.

The Backbone.js framework is known for models with elements like key-value, views and number of modules bundled together. This saves you from downloading any separate package.

The entire source code of Backbone.js is made available on GitHub, which allows modifying the framework as per requirement.

People who just want to build a single page website or web app rapidly with a relatively new but dynamic framework may find Backbone.js just the ideal one.


Mercury.js is continued to rise in popularity ever since its release just two years ago. At present, it has a robust community of developers who prefer using it for their web development projects. The framework is open source and is truly dynamic in nature to handle complex development jobs.

The features of Mercury.js are mostly similar to another powerful framework listed here, namely, React.js. Some of the common features are virtual DOM, state management, and render methods.

Mercury.js works great with most other libraries and offers a streamlined markup API. This will help to build clean interface without any scope of mixing tags.

There are several JavaScript frameworks available in the market among those we have listed here only the most suitable ones for web developers. The frameworks listed here are not only dynamic and user optimised for the seamless experience but also offers low learning curve. If you are a passionate developer, some of these frameworks are must learn, if possible, all of them.



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