Docker brings container services to Accenture Cloud Factory


Accenture Docker partnership

Accenture and Docker have announced an expansion of their global relationship. With the new deal, Accenture Cloud Factory will now offer container services and enable applications and feature use of Docker Datacenter.

The upgraded Accenture-Docker alliance is aimed at enabling enterprises with the power of the cloud. The new services through Accenture Cloud Factory will help enterprises use Docker Datacenter for development and IT operations and reduce risks and costs while migrating applications to cloud.

“By using Docker Datacenter and the Accenture Cloud Factory, clients can take advantage of our experience and best practices from modernising thousands of applications, reducing their risk and accelerating the benefits of agile and digital transformation,” said Adam Burden, senior managing director, Advanced Technology and Architecture at Accenture, in a joint statement.

Accenture is empowering various services through its Cloud Factor with certified Accenture DevOps and cloud migration consultants.

Finnish Railways as a use case

Finnish Railways is already using Accenture Cloud Factory to “Dockerize” components of core business applications to deploy Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS) on AWS cloud. The railway department is modernising their existing applications to reduce dependency on traditional infrastructure and proprietary software.

“Using Docker and the Accenture Cloud Factory, we are able to rapidly migrate our business application components into containers at a pace and economics we could not achieve internally. In the process, we established workload portability and a modern, secure software delivery pipeline for our business systems that has increased reuse and even improved our own employee productivity,” explains Markus Niskanen of Finnish Railway.

Multi-cloud CaaS solutions

Docker and Accenture are additionally expanding their relationship to improve Accenture’s multi-cloud CaaS solutions. Accenture can provide a secure software chain supply to enterprises using Docker Datacenter. Furthermore, enterprises can ship software 13X faster by using Docker Datacenter. The datacenter can also simplify the maintenance of these applications.


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