GitLab Enterprise 9.0 brings new user management and monitoring features



Open source Git repository management platform GitLab has rolled out a new version for enterprises. Debuted as GitLab Enterprise 9.0, the new release brings new features for managing members and monitoring performance.

The ninth version of GitLab’s enterprise release is primarily focused on deployment and oversight. The update can help you gain more visibility in code deployments and analysis. It comes with a new feature called Subgroups that can let you configure permissions for existing team members to subdivide into smaller units. This is quite similar to GitHub’s team-based user system.

Monitoring focus

GitLab’s team has also highlighted the focus on monitoring instead of merely development through the new release. There is an all new Deploy Board has a dashboard view that lets you monitor code deployments. This can be of a great benefit to DevOps as they can oversee the process performed by users. Also, the latest version includes performance monitoring features for delivered applications.

The enterprise edition is more of an all-in-one tool for migrating the project from an idea to production. All the newly added features are designed to enhance product’s development lifecycle.

Competitive release

With all the latest additions, GitLab Enterprise 9.0 gives a neck-to-neck competition to BitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket. It might make things difficult especially for GitHub to influence new enterprises.


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