GNOME Builder 3.24 to enable integrated Flatpak experience

GNOME Builder

GNOME Builder 3.24

While GNOME Builder 3.24 is yet to receive an official face, the new beta version has upgraded the experience with Flatpak support out of the box. The beta version, GNOME Builder 3.23.91, also comes preloaded with improvements and bug fixes.

GNOME Builder 3.23.91 allows you to easily and flawlessly package your projects as Flatpaks. The GNOME team has also patched Meson build system while running Flatpak.

Additionally, the Flatpak plugin has also been improved in the new GNOME Builder. You are recommended to use Flatpak-builder for developing release builds.

The latest GNOME has also abandoned the previous “/run/build/$project” location. Similarly, you can save breaking mtime and general difficulties with the new build.

Improvements on the board

Alongside the Flatpak integration, the second beta version for GNOME 3.24 comes with improvements to transfer engine and omnibar styling. You can also find new keyboard tooltips, init scripts for autogen based projects and keyboard shortcuts. Likewise, there are various improvements to JSON-RPC and the new Valgrind plugin is available to help you with leak tracking during testing.

The GNOME team has also resolved some important memory leaks and bugs through the fresh release. You can see the existing GObject type system deadlock with a workaround as well as the removal of glibmm and libidemm dependencies. There is also a fix for PTY fd ownership for RustUp. Besides, the new build has also updated Sysprof-based profiler.

GNOME 3.24 release is scheduled for March 22. Meanwhile, you can download the new GNOME 3.24 beta directly from its website.


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