Mirantis plans transformation, no longer focusing on OpenStack solely


Mirantis, which have been one of the founding members of the OpenStack Foundation, is now planning organisational changes. The company is strategically aiming to go beyond OpenStack and reduce its focus on one-off cloud infrastructure integration.

Instead of continuing its operations around the OpenStack ecosystem, Mirantis is simplifying its existing services and considering to aim “more on strategy, site readiness and cloud tenant on-boarding and care”. The Sunneyvale, California-based company is unifying its software support and managed operations teams into a customer success team that will help offer managed solutions.

Shifting jobs

The management at Mirantis has also announced that it has been shifting nearly 70 jobs. Russia and Ukraine are among the countries from where the existing workforce will be laid off, and the jobs will be shifted to the US, Poland and Czech Repulic. This is due to less demand for Mirantis’ managed services.

“As we look at the last twelve months, we are proud of the change we preserved through as a company,” write Mirantis co-founders Alex Freedland and Boris Renski, in a joint blog post. “Evolving a company is never easy – for management, employees, partners or customers. Many in our space will need to go through a similar evolution to stay relevant in the public cloud world, and everybody will make it through.”

Mirantis is certainly exploring more from the cloud world. But this does not mean that the company is leaving OpenStack. In last April, it emerged as the largest code-committer to OpenStack Newton with 24 percent of all commits recorded.


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