Traits to consider while hiring a game developer


game developer hiring process

Have an idea for the game development? Or want to develop a game but need to hire resources? Seeking a game developer for developing your game is challenging. Especially, it is challenging to hire a game developer with technical expertise, management skills, problem-solving skills and innovative ideas. There are hundreds of game development companies and freelancers out there, but you need to select only one from the pool. To find that perfect fit for your game development, you have to evaluate the ability of the candidates.

If you have ever had done hiring, you must be aware of the depth of hiring challenge. However, there are many techniques and methods for evaluating the skills and hiring a game developer. Below are some things to consider while hiring a valuable game developer for your next project:

Set your budget and payment type

The most important thing while hiring a resource is to set the price you will pay to the resource that is a game developer. To being with the budget, you need to consider the game technology, developer skills and abilities, software costs. Considering all the aspects hire the best developer you can afford.

You also need to determine the payment type like it will hourly, fixed pay and weekly payment. Primarily, for a game development project, there are two types of payment methods.

Revenue share

Once the game is published, and it has started earning the revenue, you will need to pay the percentage of your sales to the developer. This is called Revenue share. The advantage of this payment method is no beforehand payment to the developer; it comes just after app starts generating revenue. You will need to pay the money once the app is published and has started generating revenue. However, there is recurring payment for a long time — till the app is live in the market.

Fixed amount

Many developers prefer to work on the fixed cost projects which means the amount is already set for the whole project. This amount can vary as per the project complexity, stock images, content and expertise of the developer.

Defining responsibilities and deliverables for the developer

Responsibilities of the game developer vary from project to project, and these variations create many misunderstandings. So it is necessary to decide the responsibilities and deliverables provided by the developer. For instance, if you want to hire Unity developers for your game, then need to specify the tasks which will be performed by him. Also, in the Unity stream, there are two options: 2D and 3D. It depends on your project requirements to opt for a Unity 2D developer or hire a Unity 3D developer or even pay for Unity 3D development services.
Prepare a work agreement and copyright terms

Once you defined the responsibilities and deliverables, prepare a work agreement which includes the delivery of work and payment, time schedule, milestones and a penalty clause if any, confidentiality. Also, mention the copyright terms and conditions and the ownership of the project work. It is necessary to make things clear by signing the agreement at the time of initiating the project.


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