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Collabora Office 5.3 debuts with all latest features from LibreOffice

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Collabora has announced the official release of Collabora Office 5.3. The latest version of the open source office suite is based on LibreOffice 5.3.

With Collabora Office 5.3, you will get a GovOffice 5.3 that includes some user enhancements and a five-year, long-term support for public sector users. The development team has also backported some features from the latest LibreOffice. There are various improvements to the user interface as well. All this inclusion of the new features makes the latest Collabora Office a more powerful and faster office suite option.

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The fresh Collabora Office version of office suite brings new panels in the sidebar menu, direct links to user guides in helpbar, new Safe Mode and filters. The new version also has an updated Table Styles option in the Writer app.

Alongside the core upgrades, Collabora Office 5.3 has a tweaked Calc that comes with the new arrows toolbox that is also implemented in the Writer. There are also Number Format options and Pivot tables functionality.

Impress presentation software through the new Collabora Office update also receives some noticeable changes. You will receive Pencil and Vivid templates. Also, the existing templates have received updates and navigating through the available templates using Template Selector is additionally improved.

Apart from these major changes, there are bunch of small changes in Export feature. Further, you can now embed and link videos while exporting the file as PDF. The Number and Impress packages also bring support for .iqy (Excel Web Query) files. There are new MS ADO recordsets that have been added to the SharePoint export list in Calc.

You can try the demo version of Callabora Office 5.3 to experience new features by visiting its official site.

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Rajat Kabade
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