Linux 4.11 gets delayed by a week due to NVMe glitches and oops fixes



The final release of Linux 4.11 has been delayed by a week. According to the mailing list announcement by Linus Torvalds, it will take another week for this version to release.

The hiccups in the scheduled cycle happened due to glitches found in Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) and some oops fixes. The origin behind the NVMe issue is not clear yet. However, it is limited to some hardware and platforms.

“The most noticeable of the issues is that we’ve quirked off some NVMe power management that apparently causes problems on some machines,” Torvalds writes in the post.

There are few more annoying bugs that Torvalds is likely to fix. In the Sunday post, the Linux creator says that pushing this release by another week will not hurt end users. The post by the Linux creator also indicates eighth release candidate ahead of the final Linux 4.11.


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