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Microsoft releases open source ReactXP to ease cross-platform developments



Microsoft has once again contributed to the open sourced space, but not with a new Azure offering or a feature related to next SQL Server. Instead, the Redmond company has released the code of ReactXP, the library that has been helping its engineering teams develop cross-platform apps.

ReactXP is based on React JS and React Native to let you develop apps that can run across multiple platforms and the Web using a single code base. The app builder tool has a heavy emphasis on user interface blocks. Basically, it works just as a lightweight cross-platform abstraction layer built on React and React Native.

“ReactXP was designed to be a thin, lightweight cross-platform abstraction layer on top of React and React Native. It implements a dozen or so foundational components that can be used to build more complex components,” says Eric Traut, technical fellow at Microsoft, who worked closely with the Skype team to make ReactXP successful for cross-platform experiences.

ReactXP has foundational components that can help you build complex components. You can use the framework to implement a collection of common API namespaces.

Implements consistent way for multiple platforms

Notably, ReactXP exposes APIs, components, styles, animation and props parameters to implement in a consistent way across all React JS and Native for iOS and Android.

Microsoft wants ReactXP to be a simple and easy to build app builder. While the Skype team will continue to majorly maintain and build upon ReactXP, other teams within Microsoft are also developing their contributions to make the latest development successful for third-party developers.

You can use ReactXP today to develop apps for platforms including the Web, iOS, Android and Windows UWP. It can further be extended with specialised cross-platform functionality using extensions.



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