Mozilla Firefox on Linux no longer supports older processors



Mozilla has released the next version of its Firefox web browser. While Firefox 53.0 brings some important improvements and changes on Windows, the company has dropped the support for Linux systems running on older processors.

The latest Firefox browser has ended support for processors older than Platinum 4 and AMD Opteron. Users with such dated processor-based systems can continue to run Firefox 52 ESR.

Notably, Mozilla has taken the new decision to help the Firefox team to focus on bringing new features compatible with new-age hardware.

Quantum Compositor’s addition

Alongside supporting newer hardware, Firefox 53.0 has brought improved graphics stability that reduces browser crashes by ten percent. Mozilla has used Quantum Compositor in separate processes to improve the graphics experience. This would ensure a flawless experience for users running Firefox with low graphics capacity.

Mozilla also has introduced two new compact themes for the Linux version of Firefox 53.0. There is Compact Light and Compact Dark that both are based on Firefox Developer Edition theme. You can enable these themes from the Add-ons tab under the Appearance panel on your Linux system.

The Firefox 53.0 will be available for download for your Linux computer through the repository of your GNU/Linux distro. Meanwhile, you can find the Firefox 53.0 image on the official website.



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