Moby Project debuts to advance containerisation movement



In the world of Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Moby Project has emerged as a new open source project to advance the ongoing containerisation movement.

Docker is set to use the Moby Project to experiment and develop new components. The company even calls out the community to contribute and collaborate on the development of an advanced container ecosystem.

“Docker will use Moby for its open source and will collaborate on everything from architecture to design to experimentation with bleeding edge features. Essentially anything that can be containerised can be a Moby component, providing a great opportunity for collaboration with other projects outside of Docker,” said Solomon Hykes, founder and CTO of Docker, in a statement.

Based on open source technologies, the Moby Project allows developers to collaborate on interchangeable components such as operating systems, orchestration frameworks and infrastructure management. It offers access to a preset library of more than 80 components derived from Docker. Further, the project is intended for system builders who would like to develop their own systems.


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