NodeSource to release NSolid for Alpine Linux



NodeSource is releasing a distribution of its enterprise-level Solid Node.js runtime. The hardened Node.js distribution can work with Docker-friendly Alpine Linux.

NodeSource is planning to bring three important enterprise technologies to its distro that include Linux kernel, Node.js and Docker containers. NSolid for Alpine Linux will work with security capabilities of Alpine Linux. Notably, the distro itself requires very small space.

Containers using Alpine require 130MB of space on disk and take up maximum of 8MB of memory. You can also configure it on an ARM chipset-based connected device.

Previously, NSolid was arrived on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. But to give the same experience on Linux platform, the distro is now debuting on Alpine Linux. The new build will also help power users using musl libraries and BusyBox utilities.

Alpine Linux is known for its water-tight security features. Security measures in the distro can prevent the class of zero day and other critical vulnerabilities.


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