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Docker 17.05.0 includes multi-stage build

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Docker 17.05.0 is finally out. The new version is designed with a multi-stage build.

The tweaked version of Docker builder comes with multi-stage build support. There is also support for using build-time args (ARG) in FROM. Further, there is a new option to specify build targets.

Alongside the tweaked Docker builder, Docker 17.05.0 features Docker DEB support for systems running on Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus). There is also the ability to display logs of individual tasks for “docker service logs” command, and a new option of “–log-opt env-regex” to match environment variables.

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New commands

The new commands include “–mount” for the “docker run”, “–format” and “–filter” for “docker secret ls”, “–filter scope=< swarm|local >” for “docker network ls”, “docker create” commands, “–type=secret” for “docker inspect” and “–cpus” for “docker update.”

Docker has also added support for logging driver plugins. The ability to customise ingress network and the health probe is also available to enhance the user experience.

Moreover, Swarm mode has added services for update order and rollback order along with additional support for service creation and updating. The support for SELinux and Spec has also been added in Swarm mode for APIs.

You can download the latest Docker tarball from GitHub page.

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Rajat Kabade
Rajat Kabade
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