Flatpak 0.9.4 improves installation of apps



Another maintenance release has been pushed to open source sandboxing and distribution framework Flatpak. The fourth maintenance update in the Flatpak 0.9 series is designed to enhance app installs through a list of tweaks.

Flatpak 0.9.4 optimised the progress reporting in command-line and user interface. The update also comes with the ability to let developers view information about local repositories. Additionally, the framework kills all the processes in the sandbox when it exits.

According to the changelog published by Alex Larsson, the new version improves “flatpak update —subpath=..” This command can update the app event when there is no upstream version. It is used for whitelisting the exports.

Another notable change in Flatpak 0.9.4 is the feature that automatically disables search providers in exported GNOME Shell.

Further, Flatpak caches that were earlier stored in ~/.local/share/flatpak/system-cache are now stored in the hidden ~/.cache folder in Home directory. This makes the caching process easier and faster than the last release.

The new Flatpak version also introduces a AddFull method in Document Portal which can help in exporting multiple files required by a targeted app. Besides, there are improvements to plenty of existing features. A remote can now predict to a new URL or GPG key. Users can use build-update-repo –redirect-url=URL —gpg-import=FILE for the same.

Flatpak 0.9.4 is available for access in a GitHub repository. The source archive is provided in the same repository for OS integrators.


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