Linus Torvalds no longer signs Linux kernel RC tarballs



Linux creator Linus Torvalds has started an automated process to generate new kernel release candidate (RC) tarballs. The new development emerged alongside the Linux 4.12 RC1 update earlier this month.

In the mailing list announcement for the first Linux 4.12 release candidate, Torvalds announced that diffs and tarballs for the latest version are automatically generated the He, therefore, did not sign them himself.

“One thing worth noting – I have not uploaded diffs or tar-balls for this rc. Those should now be automatically generated by for the rc’s, but that also means that they will not be signed by my key,” the Linux inventor wrote in the announcement.

Linux kernel 4.12 RC1 included new AMD Vega10 header files that contain register definitions and Intel Atom IPU drivers. Also, there were updates to hardware architectures, new documentation and misc files.

New version in July

At the beginning of this week, Torvalds released the second release candidate for Linux 4.12. The update brought some major networking improvements and set to pitch for the public release that is scheduled for early July.


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