Google releases Android O Public Beta

Android O Public Beta


Google the first public beta version of its upcoming mobile platform at the I/O 2017 keynote on Wednesday. Codenamed Android O, the new developer preview has been available for few months now.

Android O Public Beta comes with interesting features like Notification Dots, Pictures and Smart Text Selection. There are also some changes in the core system. It has optimised the performance to run apps in a faster and smoother manner. Additionally, the platform automatically sets background limit to temporarily disable inactive apps to ensure an improved battery life.

Brings smarter experience

In terms of new features, there is a Notification Dots addition that create a little circle in the corner of an app icon. You can easily take a look at specific apps with the new note to it. Also, a long press on the same app will give a preview of notifications.

Android O comes preloaded with intelligent features as well. You will find Smart Text Selection that intelligently spots things like business names and addresses from the Web. It makes it easier to highlight the whole segment from the text. The platform also includes picture-in-picture view that helps you multitask in a smarter way. You can use the feature o video call or view calendar while typing the text on the screen.

Hardware improvements on board

Apart from the core changes and smart features, Google has worked on many hardware improvements to make Android O the next big release. There is faster boot time and TensorFlow Lite integration.

You can preview Android O on your Nexus or Pixel device today. Furthermore, Google is launching the updated tools for developing on Android O, including the latest canaries of Android Studio, SDK, and tools, Android O system images and emulators.


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