Mirantis and Fujitsu partner to deliver privately managed OpenStack cloud



Mirantis and Fujitsu have announced a strategic collaboration to deliver privately managed OpenStack Cloud. The strategic collaboration will enable both the companies to help customers adopt open cloud infrastructure.

Fujitsu will give bring all the modern hardware expertise on board while Mirantis is set to integrate its native Cloud Platform into Fujitsu’s hardware. Both the companies have strong belief that customers will soon start consuming the all new infrastructure as a service. Moreover, supporting software will predominantly be API driven and continuously delivered.

“We are very excited to find a strategic partner in Fujitsu who is eager to collaborate with us to bring its benefits to the broader market,” said Boris Renski, Mirantis’ co-founder and CMO, in a joint statement.

The Mirantis Cloud Platform has introduced a unique build-operate-transfer delivery model, which will work along with the resources provided by Fujitsu. Also, there is an infrastructure delivery model by Mirantis that uses an operations-centric approach to delivering infrastructure continuously with an operations SLA either through a managed service or by the customers.

“Mirantis’ unique build-operate-transfer delivery model, coupled with Fujitsu’s extensive experience and hardware and software offering in serving our mission critical customer systems, will enable large enterprises to adopt open cloud with confidence,” said Katsue Tanaka, SVP and head of the platform software at Fujitsu.

Fujitsu has announced to add the privately managed global OpenStack on Mirantis Cloud Platform in June 2017. The customers in Japan will get the early access to these offerings followed by other regions.



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