Samsung targets at IoT with Tizen 4.0



Samsung Electronics has announced the next generation Tizen operating system at its Tizen Developer Conference 2017. Dubbed Tizen 4.0, the new Linux-based open source operating system is designed to enable developments around the IoT space.

The new Tizen OS brings a wider range of applications. Samsung has included the capabilities to integrate Tizen 4.0 with household and IoT devices. Further, the platform is touted to be well-optimised for IoT developers.

Samsung claims that Tizen 4.0 enables rapid creation and commercialisation of various IoT-centered apps. “Among open collaborations, and as we enter the IoT era, we expect Tizen will open new opportunities for the future of IoT,” said Hyogun Lee, executive vice president of the visual display business at Samsung Electronics.

Lee, who is also the chair of the Tizen Technical Steering Group, told the attendees at the developer conference that in addition to IoT devices, Samsung is expanding the reach of Tizen to devices like TVs and connected home appliances.

Emerging development environment

The latest Tizen OS version offers a development environment that will let developers build refined software solutions by subdividing functional modules. The Korean giant has also developed Tizen RT (Real-Time) that will help developers create IoT solutions for TVs, mobile devices as well as low-end products like thermostat, bulbs and scales.

Microsoft on board

Samsung has collaborated with Microsoft to help developers write applications with popular programming languages like .NET, Xamarin and C#. Developers can write apps for Tizen using Microsoft’s Visual Studio as well. Also, Samsung is exploring potential collaboration opportunities with chip makers. This development would be announced in detail sometime in the coming months.


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