Google prefers to open source Firebase, Admin SDKs



Google is open-sourcing certain components of Firebase SDK to support apps with a host of back-end services. The company made the new announcement at its I/O 2017 conference in California.

Among the initial open source offerings, Google has included Firebase iOS SDK 4.0, Firebase JavaScript SDK 4.0 and Admin SDKs for Node.js, Python and Java.

“With the launch of the Firebase iOS 4.0 SDKs, we have made several improvements to the developer experience …” said Salman Qadri, Firebase Product Manger, in a blog post.

The open sourced Firebase SDK comes along with Crashlytics functionality that is integrated with the Fabric development platform. It includes many components such as a real-time database, cloud functions, cloud storage, hosting, authentication, performance monitoring and test lab for Android.

Firebase JavaScript SDK 4.0 includes a real-time database, cloud messaging and storage SDKs for JavaScript. There is also an improved Firebase authentication. Its iOS version brings diplomatic API names for Swift to bring on board the developers that are using Apple’s language to build new experiences.

Maps for open source components

Also, Google is set to release the source maps for the open source components within the SDK to help developers debug the Firebase app versions easily.

This is not the first time when Google has opted the open source way. The search giant recently released an open source version of its Python SDK. Further, the company is planning to continue its trend to support more languages. Android SDK is also in the pipeline to receive open source treatment in the coming future.

Meanwhile, you can access the open source Firebase SDKs from GitHub.


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