SUSE Manager 3.1 optimises enterprise DevOps and IT operations



SUSE has released SUSE Manager 3.1 as its new DevOps and container management solution for enterprises. The new offering is designed to boost DevOps efficiency while managing containers.

Positioned as an important component in SUSE’s software-defined infrastructure portfolio, the new SUSE Manager is aimed to reduce the complexity of enterprises and help them become more efficient and agile to meet customer demands. It comes with an enhanced management of software templates and compliance in container and cloud infrastructure. Also, the tool improves the control over IT assets by graphically visualising the deployed systems and their relationships.

“SUSE Manager lets IT organisations be agiler and optimise their operations by providing a single infrastructure management tool designed to help enterprise DevOps and IT operations manage complexity while improving visibility and control of IT assets,” said Gerald Pfeifer, vice president of products and technology programs, SUSE.

IT managers can leverage SUSE Manager 3.1 to deliver container images across development, test and production environments. It is also possible to support DevOps continuous/integration deployment model using the latest tool. Moreover, customers can reduce their workloads on development, test and production in a container through the new SUSE Manager.

Automate orchestration

Analysts believe that the new development by SUSE will enable customers to automate orchestration. The tool is also believed to provide provisioning of container-based services through its advanced technology.

“SUSE Manager’s new container management and compliance capabilities will enable customers to automate orchestration and provisioning of their container-based services while ensuring container compliance from the same tool they are already using to manage their Linux infrastructure,” said Mary Johnston Turner, research vice president for enterprise system management software, IDC.

SUSE Manager 3.1 is available for multiple cloud solutions provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. It comes with 60-day free trial along with patches and updates for two months.


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