GitHub launches ‘Open Source Friday’ initiative to encourage community contributions



GitHub has announced a new initiative called ‘Open Source Friday’ to encourage individual developers and companies to focus on open source developments. The online Git repository platform considers that the initiative is not just about giving your employees some free time to work on their open source projects but, the initiative will also help companies improve their business infrastructure.

The idea of launching the Open Source Friday initiative was germinated when GitHub observed that a lot of people are willing to contribute to the open source, but they do not have the time to develop their contributions. The new move opens room for contributors to spend at least two hours every Friday working on an open source project.

“Open Source Friday is not limited to individuals. Your team, department, or company can take part, too. Contributing to the software you already use isn’t altruistic—it is an investment in the tools your company relies on,” GitHub’s team writes in a blog post.

The Open Source Friday is touted to benefit both the businesses and their employees. With the number of business critical applications being open source, the initiative will also greatly benefit GitHub. The company is positioning the initiative to help aspiring open source contributors, active contributors and project maintainers.

GitHub will let users set up their profile pages and feature the work that is done under The Open Source Friday initiative. All developers are invited to join this new initiative by GitHub.


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