Application development with artificial intelligence



We know that artificial intelligence doesn’t mean the human mind’s artificial version. But there might be a question that how emerging technology development will affect the society and change the world.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have an incredible impact on our lives if all the things it is believed to accomplish will turn into a reality. However, it will be a transformative move, especially for the application development space.

Automation and AI

Automation of jobs has been making the headlines since people’s instant concern is making a living. But we should not forget applications here as they have become a fulcrum for various facets of our lives without being integrated with sophisticated artificial intelligence. Just imagine once what happens when they begin “thinking.”

AI and UX

AI is present since a very long time, but it is only today that the technology has reached a point where it can have a measurable and direct impact on our day-to-day lives. This is not exactly the way AI is being used now, but when it progresses from its present state to the true next generation version. Very soon, AI will change the user experience that is not close to possible at present. Regarding computers, one of the old jokes is that they only do what you instruct them to do. Things will turn out to be very easy if AI can figure out the things we want to do and does them.

Imagine an app powered by AI that watches out your privacy actively. It monitors other applications and will come to know when they try to retrieve the information they don’t want to share. But, it is not overly strict or intrusive. AI will enable apps to find out when you would like to let other services know what is going on, such as when searching for a location to eat so that they can forward you push notifications about the special ones.

In the future, the smart devices that we are using today could transform into a virtual gladiatorial arena. The disruptive AI snuck into an application through the EULA is in a battle of wits with the privacy application we downloaded that is empowered by AI.

AI and application development

AI is going to transform the way application development organisations operate how the path unfolds. AI is not only affecting the user experience but also having an impact on the development of applications. Very soon, the makers of applications will be in a position to utilise artificial intelligence to automate quality assurance (QA). With very little direct input from the humans, an application can imaginably test itself, locate its bugs and fix them. An app might even be in a position to modify and update itself to better fit any OS changes or updates that hit our devices regularly. A self-optimising application that can transform itself to function better with the firmware updates of a device would cut down the costs significantly.

It does not seem easy for the developers as much promise is there — circling around artificial intelligence. The developers first need to understand clearly what is the marketing from the apps powered by AI. They also need to be extremely flexible in developing them as meeting the requirement is highly significant in today’s competitive world.

AI and the people’s fears addressed

As much as I try to stay ahead of the artificial intelligence trends, it needs to be ensured that we are putting the fears of people at bay as well. The perception is the presence of a potential dark side to artificial intelligence that is not related to it enslaving the humanity. Smart devices and smartphones combined with social media and online services have almost killed our privacy. We have already witnessed new stories about Samsung suggests that humans avoid discussing sensitive or private information in front of their smart TVs.

Moreover, AI exhibits tremendous capability in not only understanding the individual keywords but also in understanding what we mean by the context of our conversations. It will be able to clearly understand what we feel about a particular product by listening to our voices’ inflection. AI will kill any remaining sense of privacy.


  1. Strong artificial intelligence or, True AI, may refer to: Artificial general intelligence, a hypothetical machine that exhibits behavior at least as skillful and flexible as humans do, and the research program of building such an artificial general intelligence.. thanks for sharing this.


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